International Student Work Authorization

Work Authorization

F-1 Student Employment and Work Options

F-1 Students are allowed to work in the U.S. however there are many restrictions on what kind of employment and how much employment is allowed. Remember an F-1 visa is a student visa not a work visa. Please find a list below of acceptable employment options as well as processes to apply for employment authorization.

On Campus Employment Open
Off- Campus Employment Open
F-1 Training Options Open
Post OPT Employment Information Open
J-1 Academic Training Open

Other Visa Types

The F-1 visa is a student visa, so your primary purpose in the US is to study, not to work. 

There are numerous work visa options, however, UIW does not sponsor students for work visas. Work visas are sponsored by your employer with the help of a qualified immigration attorney.  UIW ISSS hosts many guest speakers throughout the semester who share their expertise on work visa and immigrant visa options.