Honors Program


The UIW Honors Program offers open-minded, highly motivated students meaningful opportunities for self-development through an advanced curriculum and co-curricular activities that encourage intellectual curiosity, scholarship, and professionalism. The program is committed to developing conscientious, compassionate citizen-leaders who are able to engage thoughtfully with the complexity of the world and contribute to the common good.

Why Honors

Participation in the unique opportunities of the Honors Program exposes you to new ideas and academic challenges, develops your critical thinking, and enhances your professional development.


The honors curriculum serves as the foundation for the program, but our Honors point system also encourages students to participate in research, creative work, and self-development activities.

Visit Our Community

There's no better way to get to know us but to visit campus. Attend classes, see the Sky View Honors Living Learning Community and chat with students. Use the Inquiry Form to register your interest.

Upcoming Honors Events

  • 4: All-Honors Gathering
  • 6: Human Library
  • 13: EDGE Leadership on Ethics
  • 15: Careers a la Carte: Design careers
  • 20: EDGE Leadership on Entrepreneurship
  • 4: All-Honors Gathering
  • 8: Careers a la Carte: Agricultural careers
  • 11-15: Spring Break
  • 27: EDGE Leadership on International Impacts
  • 30: Honors Symposium