Honors Curriculum

Large group of students participating in lectureThe Honors curriculum offers interdisciplinary courses that fulfill the University Core Curriculum requirements, as well as upper-division electives. This flexibility allows us to welcome majors from all academic disciplines.

Honors courses do not entail more assignments than a regular course, but do require a deeper level of thinking and analysis in classroom discussion and assessment. While Honors classes have higher expectations than most, the resulting benefits are well worth the effort. Not only will you develop your intellectual abilities, but you'll build close relationships with the faculty. Our Honors students do well in this environment because they find themselves supporting each other and working together in and out of the classroom.

Students are required to take at least five Honors courses to satisfy their Curriculum requirement within the Honors Point System. Three of the five courses are required for incoming students to take:

  1. Introduction to the Honors Program
  2. Choice of either Honors Introductory Philosophy ( The Intellectual Quest) or Honors Religious Theological Anthropology). An upper level course in philosophy/religious studies is available to transfer students bringing in lower level philosophy or religious studies credits.
  3. Honors Composition II (This can be waived if students already have college credit for Composition II)

Otherwise, students may choose from our course selection below to earn Honors Points, or they may "contract" a course with a professor to do an Honors project in an upper-level course in their major.

More interdisciplinary courses are in development for future academic years.

Honors Courses

PHIL 1381H: The Intellectual Quest Open
ENGL 1312H: Composition II Honors Open
BIOL 4350H: Bioethics Open
GOVT/PHIL/SOCI 4310H: Social and Political Thought Open
HIST 3310H: Inquiries Human Stories and the Modern World Open
PHIL/ARTH 3375H: The Aesthetic Quest Open
PSYC 1301H: Introduction to Psychology Open
RELS 1327H: Theological Anthropology Open
RELS 3381H: Christianity and Global Justice Open
MATH 2303H: Intro to Probability and Statistics Open
ENGL 3310H: Human Story Through Literature Open
HONP 41RCH: Honors Senior Project Open