Grading Scale

The University of the Incarnate Word operates on a semester basis using a 4-point grading scale as follows.

4-point grading scale
Grade Descriptive Grade Numeric Grade Grade Points
A Excellent Scholarship 93-100 4.00
A- Excellent Scholarship 90-92 3.70
B+ Good Scholarship 87-89 3.30
B Good Scholarship 83-86 3.00
B- Good Scholarship 80-82 2.70
C+ Satisfactory Scholarship 77-79 2.30
C Satisfactory Scholarship 70-76 2.00
D+ Poor Scholarship 67-69 1.30
D Poor Scholarship 63-66 1.00
D- Poor Scholarship 60-62 0.70
F Failure Under 60 0.00
IP Incomplete work   None assigned; converts to an F after
expiration date or deadline of six months
N Grade not reported by faculty   None assigned
NG No grade required   None assigned; used for thesis and
dissertation courses
P Satisfactory Scholarship 70-100 None assigned
S Satisfactory Scholarship 70-100 None assigned
U Unsatisfactory Scholarship None assigned
W Withdrawn from the University   None assigned