Digital Diplomas

A Certified Electronic Credential Overview

University of the Incarnate Word now offers digital diplomas and certificates! These are certified electronic credentials known as a CeDiploma or CeCertificate (CeDiploma/CeCertificate).

UIW Cediploma Sample

How to Access Your Digital Diploma or Certificate

You will receive an email with a link to download your credential when it is available from our trusted partner, CeCredentialTrust. To request a new download link, please use the CeCredential Trust site to resend the link.

The Benefits of Going Digital

It's a secure, verifiable and official PDF you can share!

  • Show instant proof of your education using Validation Services.
  • Employers love the CeDiploma! It is simple to read, easy to understand, and is directly validated by your institution in seconds.
  • Enjoy unlimited sharing with family, friends, and employers. You can even share it on social media!
  • Save the PDF on as many devices as you want.
  • Enhance your resume by adding the CeDiD* and validation URL directly to it!

*CeDiD = a unique 12-digit Certified Electronic Document Identifier

Note: A credential may not be available for all conferral dates. For security reasons, the electronic credential cannot be printed.

More About CeCredentials


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