We consider your registration a contractual relationship with the University and identify your responsibilities below:

  • You are responsible for knowing and following the policies, deadlines, and procedures outlined in this publication and other publications related to your registration and/or the conferral of your degree.
  • You may not attend a class for which you are not registered.
  • You will receive credit for only those classes for which you officially register.
  • Your enrollment and/or your attendance in a class indicate your intent to receive credit and acceptance of all University charges for the semester.
  • You are responsible for cancelling your registration if you do not plan to attend class or complete the course requirements for which you registered.
  • You are responsible for your financial obligations with the University regardless of your payment method and regardless of whether you attend class or not.
  • You are responsible for making arrangements to pay for your charges and doing so by the deadline posted in this publication.