Waitlist Information

What is a Registration Waitlist?

Students who attempt to register for a class that is full may put themselves on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. The last day to waitlist for a course is the Friday before school begins for each term.

The first student on the registration Waitlist is notified via email when a space becomes available. If the student does not register for the section within this timeframe, he/she will be dropped from the wait list for that section and the next student on the wait list will be notified.

Registration holds will prevent the student from adding a waitlisted course, even if the student was sent an email.

Students will need to meet the same requirements to waitlist for a section as they would to register for that section. Students will not be able to waitlist for a class if they have not met the pre-requisites or corequisites. Students will not be able to waitlist if they do not meet the registration requirements or special authorization permissions.

Waitlisting is not registration nor is it a guarantee for future registration. Students should use registration to get courses they need and want, register for open sections rather than waitlisting for closed sections, and use waitlisting only to revise or optimize their schedules.

Instructions on adding yourself to a waitlist course. (PDF)

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