Forms for Students

Students may download these forms to conduct business with the Registrar's Office. After completed, sign the form, obtain the approval signatures (where appropriate) and deliver or mail it to the Registrar's Office. These forms may not be sent to the Registrar's Office by e-mail attachment.

Add/Registration/Drop Form

Add/Registration/Drop Form (PDF)

Downloadable form to register for classes or to modify your enrollment.  Approval signatures required.

Application for IP Undergraduate

Application for an IP Grade (PDF)

Downloadable form to request an IP grade.  Approval signatures required.

Application for IP Graduate

Application for an IP Grade - Graduate Course (PDF)

Downloadable form to request a graduate IP grade. Approval signatures required.

Audit Application

Audit Application (PDF)

Information and downloadable form to audit a class

Challenge Exam

Challenge Exam Application (PDF)

Downloadable form to request approval to challenge a course.  Approval signatures required.

Change Graduation Date

Change of Graduation Date (PDF)

Downloadable form to change graduation date

Community Service Documentation

Enter your hours through UIW Engage

Contact the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership for assistance.

Diploma Replacement Form

Diploma Replacement Form (PDF)

Downloadable form to order a replacement copy of your diploma

Independent Study Enrollment Form

Independent Study Enrollment Form (PDF)

Downloadable form to enroll in an independent study class.  Approval signatures required.

Inter-Institutional Enrollment Form

Inter-Institutional Enrollment Form (PDF)

Downloadable form to enroll at St. Mary's or Our Lady of the Lake University.  Approval signatures required.

Letter of Non-Attendance Request

Letter of Non-Attendance

Requesting verification of non-attendance

Name Change Form

To update your address, access BannerWeb through Cardinal Apps.

Change of Information Form (PDF)

Please note the document requirements posted on the request form.  Send your request and all documentation forms to the Registrar's Office.

Proxy Access (Online)

Proxy Access

Instructions to grant access to confidential student data


Registration Information and Forms

Downloadable form to register for classes. Approval signatures required.

Room Request Form (Online)

Online process accessible through   25Live CardApps Image  app in   CardinalApps to reserve rooms on campus

Request for Credit by Exam

Request for Credit by Exam Form (PDF)

Downloadable request for to earn credits by CLEP

Request to Study at Another Institution - Current Students (Online)

Study at Another Institution Form

Online form to request approval of work from another institution

Substitution Form

Substitution Form (PDF)

Downloadable form to modify degree requirements. Approval signatures required.

Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request Information and Forms

Downloadable form to request a copy of your UIW transcript. Student's signature required.

Withhold Directory Information Form

Withhold Directory Information Form (PDF)

Downloadable form to request confidential directory information

Withdrawal Form

Form to withdraw from the university and cancel all course enrollments

This form is not available online or at the Registrar's Office. To withdraw, undergraduate students must contact the Student Success Office at (210) 805-3005. Graduate students must contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at (210) 829-3157.